Improving software quality in SAP HANA with Undo’s Live Recorder
Live Recorder, Test/QA

SAP, has integrated Undo’s Live Recorder for Automated Test into SAP HANA’s automated testing environment.

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Live Recorder can record all or part of a Linux or Android program’s execution for subsequent replay and analysis. The integration with SAP allows the SAP HANA group to record exact copies of issues that appear during the extreme stress testing to which they routinely subject the SAP HANA code.

LR Step 2 - RecordThis case study outlines how SAP is using Live Recorder to capture failures that appear in the millions of lines of code that comprise the SAP HANA product. It discusses how Live Recorder integrates with the SAP HANA team’s workflow and the benefits Live Recorder is bringing to SAP HANA’s continuous integration pipeline, helping to boost stability and code quality to the underlying SAP HANA database.

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