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Professional Services Engineer (UK)


As an Undo Professional Services Engineer, you will be an expert on the use of Undo’s product offering. You will use your knowledge and expertise to help Undo’s customers derive maximum return from their investment in Undo products.

Activities will include:

  • Training customer engineers
  • Consulting on integration of Live Recorder into customers’ own software
  • Consulting on incorporation of UndoDB into customers’ development workflow
  • Scripting using Undo’s APIs to deliver custom behaviour
  • Use your understanding of our customers’ solution and workflow to assist Undo’s Customer Support team.

The majority of the above activities will be undertaken on customer premises, making this a field-based role requiring travel to customer sites internationally. You will have a high degree of autonomy while on customer premises, and will be responsible for delivering work to a schedule agreed with the customer.


  • 6 or more years of commercial experience as an engineer, some of which should be providing consultancy to customers


Non-technical skills:

  • Highly organized, with high attention to detail and able to manage multiple tasks
  • Excellent communication, business writing, and presentation skills in English
  • Able to comprehend customer software architectures
  • Able to think creatively about delivering value
  • Able to communicate clearly and thoughtfully with all stakeholders and to collaborate with internal and customer teams
  • You enjoy working independently and are driven to produce results with a minimum amount of supervision

Key technical skills:

  • Good knowledge of Linux internals
  • Strong Python skills
  • Broad competence in C and C++
  • Experienced in native applications
  • Some familiarity with assembly, sufficient to reason about disassembled code in GDB

Optional technical skills:

  • Familiarity with GDB is a definite advantage. Knowledge of other debugging techniques and environments is also desirable
  • Debugger internals
  • Java development and debugging


BSc/BA degree in a relevant field (e.g. Computer Science) or equivalent experience

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