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Container World 2016

Container World is the only event to present case studies from Business Decision Makers and IT Ops Heads, as well as DevOps Leads and Engineers from the technical teams rolling out container technology in practice. Unlike vendor led events, Container World gives an agnostic platform for established and startup technology providers. It is a true ecosystem event, addressing the strategic implications of containers and the associated trends as they disrupt the cloud market.

There is a revolution taking place within enterprise IT at the moment and it is not only development teams who are grasping the magic brought by open source container technology. IT Ops teams are hungry for more knowledge and case studies demonstrating how containers bring scalability, allow more apps to be run on the same old servers and programs to be moved from one platform to the next easily.

Container World is the first event to clarify the business impact of the container revolution currently taking place within enterprise IT, and to unpick and resolve the limitations of the transformative technology.

Equipping business leaders and technical teams with the ability to say ‘yes’ to turning those business ideas into actually reality, quickly, the two day event kick starts with a dedicated container training day on February 16, 2016. Then after giving detailed insight into building and scaling with containers, the event brings together two streams of end user case studies from the business and IT decision makers investing in container technology, and the technical teams rolling out containers into production on February 17 & 18.

 Join the enterprises taking the lead with containers already in production, the protagonists shaking up the cloud market and start-up providers solving the  challenges still surrounding the ecosystem. Hear first to market use cases, and delve deeply into the impact containers are having on business’ speed and scale, workload management, security, storage, DevOps, continuous delivery, networking and NFV.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the timely event shaping the container and cloud market roadmap, and exploring the changing face of data center technology, brought by containers, hybrid cloud adoption, microservices and the cloud native app.