TestExpo 2018

Test Expo 2018

Undo are looking forward to attending TestExpo 2018 taking place in London on the 4th October. We’re looking forward to learning the ways people are tackling software testing and QA, as well as showcasing our own ideas. This year, the key focuses will be on software engineering, testing, quality engineered software and testing (QUEST), and Testing the Social Mobile Analytics and Cloud (SMAC). The event will address areas such as Agile development, test design, automation, security and DevOps.

Our very own Co-founder and CTO Greg Law will be giving a talk on how SAP have used Undo to improve the quality of SAP HANA, their in-memory database management system. He’ll show how they use fuzz-testing to expose corner case bugs that were not anticipated by the system’s designers, and how they use record & replay technology to catch even the most sporadic failures and turn them into completely reproducible events.

If you’re a QA expert, developer, tester, or test manager, this event is a must. And as a little bonus, you can use the discount code SPK20 to get a 20% on the standard price. You can sign up directly on the TestExpo website.

See you there!