Ovum puts Undo on their radar

International IT analyst house Ovum have highlighted Undo's Live Recorder in a recent On the Radar report. The report focusses on how Live Recorder is helping teams improve software quality by capturing and fixing hard to reproduce bugs. 

 From the report:

As microservices applications become more complex, so does the diagnosis of problems. Undo's recorder helps teams improve software quality by capturing and fixing hard to reproduce bugs and more.

Why put Undo on your radar?

The persistence of bugs, even in an automated DevOps world, comes from a combination of factors inherent to the testing process.

Tests that are known to fail or ones that fail intermittently and are hard to reproduce can lead to a backlog of failing tests that build up over time, especially as the code base becomes larger or more complex.

In addition, the cost of reproducing errors is high, and combined with the potential friction between QA and development teams tasked with fixing the failure means that some issues slip through the cracks and cannot be addressed to meet release targets.

Organizations where this scenario is prevalent will get significant assistance through from the use of Undo.

Ovum believes that any institution attempting to implement a DevOps strategy will immediately see the value that Live Recorder for Automated Test represents in closing the loop between QA and development.

Read the report [pdf]

About the authors:

Ovum LogoThe report was written by Martin Gandaar (Senior Associate Research Analyst) and Michael Azoff (Principle Analyst) who have a combined 60+ years of experience in IT industry analysis and research.

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