Why should you go to DockerCon 2016?

While there are several conferences that Undo attends and sponsors, it is fair to say that DockerCon next week is probably going to be one of the most exciting.  

Over 4,000 people with an interest in the container ecosystem are expected to attend this year’s conference which takes place on 19-21 June in Seattle.  For 2.5 days, enthusiasts will learn about customer use cases, participate in advanced technical talks and will get the chance to have hands-on tutorials to get them up to speed with the latest technology to revolutionise software development.

Undo will be there in force at stand E7.  We expect to be very busy but it’s not too late to schedule a time to meet with us.

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Making developers' lives easier

Just as Docker makes developers’ lives easier by making it easy to package and distribute software, Undo shares the same vision.  

We know that debugging applications running in containers is hard. Often you’ll be working on a remote machine, without your debug environment, so fixing or even reproducing issues can be a challenge.  Undo’s technology allows you to record what’s inside the container in a very simple fashion so you can exactly reproduce errors outside it.  Combine Docker with Undo and Linux developers have the hottest development tools at their disposal to find and fix failed tests or resolve issues in deployed code.

Here are some conference highlights we are looking forward to:

  • Solomon Hykes, CTO and founder of Docker will deliver the keynote. Though the details aren’t yet disclosed, no doubt it will reveal some insight into Docker’s roadmap and case studies of how Docker is being deployed across large and small corporations.
  • Maxfield Stewart, Engineering Manager at Riot Games, will talk about how they went from using 0 to 10,000 containers in the space of a year to support their continuous delivery process.
  • Cloudbees Ecosystem Talk will show the integration points between Cloudbees internationally-acclaimed Jenkins Platform and Docker, and how developers can use them for ‘frictionless’ DevOps development.

So why do we want to go to DockerCon 2016? Because we want to meet like-minded professionals who wish to find and fix failed tests without compromising the efficiency of their containerised platform, and to learn about the latest developments and best practices for assisting the development of the container ecosystem.  

If this sounds like you then book a meeting with us, or drop by stand E7 any time and get one of our cool t-shirts!

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