LiveRecorder for Java

Beta Program Terms

This Beta Terms document is for the LiveRecorder for Java Beta Program participants and sets out the expected terms of engagement.

Nature of the engagement

Undo will provide you with a fully functional copy of LiveRecorder for Java, will provide product updates and will give you access to beta functionality.

Undo will aid you via Meet/WebEx/Zoom in setting up LiveRecorder for Java in your dev environment and in using the product to diagnose your first defect.

Thereafter you are free to use LiveRecorder for Java for the duration of the program, subject to the terms below.

Participation terms

Undo will release the LiveRecorder for Java beta features to collect feedback on their implementation so that we can improve them. We value any feedback on these beta features, as it enables us to provide you with the best possible product. The availability of beta features will be documented in the release notes for every specific release. 

Please take note of the following limitations regarding beta features:

  • LiveRecorder for Java will be functionally complete
  • We value feedback 
  • Beta features may change in future releases, depending on feedback
  • We cannot guarantee timely fixes/ support for any problems you encounter with beta features

During the Beta program Undo provides you with periodic updates of our technology. You agree to: 

  • Supply the technology to your development team(s).
  • Report defects to Undo, should you experience defects in Undo’s technology.
  • A bi-weekly (up to one-hour) status meeting between your development team and Undo to discuss experiences.
  • Complete a monthly product feedback survey (no more than 5 minutes of your time ea)

Leaving the program

Joining the pre-release program does not obligate you to license Undo’s solutions when the program expires. You may leave the pre-release program at any time. All we will need is a written email confirmation sent to If you choose to leave the program, your access to Undo’s technology provided under the program will lapse.

April 2020 published by: Undo Ltd, 22 Station Road, CB1 2JD, Cambridge, UK.