Our culture

We believe that if we create a relaxed, informal working environment and give people all the resources they need, they will respond by doing great work.

What makes us stand out

  • Undo is a nice place to be

    We’re informal, friendly and above all, respectful towards others.
  • We trust you to do your best

    We trust each other to get on and do the best work you can to help us achieve our common goals.
  • We are open at all times

    We believe in giving people all the context they need to take true ownership of their tasks and we value feedback at any level.
  • We place the common good above personal agendas

    To be a team player, you sometimes have to make personal sacrifices so that the team can succeed.
  • Common goals, common purpose

    We can only succeed by working together on a common set of goals we all buy into.
  • We have a sense of purpose

    We know we're here to achieve something much bigger than any of us.

Who we are

We sat down on a company off-site in October 2016 to figure out what we're all about. This is what we came up with and what we believe makes Undo a unique place to work.

To allow the world to understand the software on which we all increasingly depend.

Society is becoming evermore dependent on software, but at the same time we have less and less ability to understand what it’s actually doing. Undo’s mission is create groundbreaking technology to enable the world to understand the software on which it all depends.

Create a very valuable company.

We may be a start-up but we have global ambitions. That’s why creating value for our employees, investors and customers is at the heart of what we do.

Be a really great place to work.

We are making Undo a place to work of which we can all be really proud.