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Engineering at Undo

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Work on really exciting technology that no one else has done or is doing

We live and breathe engineering and Undo.io is a unique place to work as an engineer

  • Freedom to decide your own processes

    Work in the way that suits you best to deliver on your commitments.
  • Flexible working schedule to optimise work-life balance

    Our core hours are 11am to 4pm but we’re really quite flexible. Dress how you like. We tend to be quite informal.
  • Choose your own development environment

    We are programmers too and know what it's like to have your preferred tooling. Use any Linux distro or any IDE you want. 
  • Freedom to make your own decisions

    Be empowered to choose the work you'd like to do within the team's committed goals.

Hear from some of our engineering team

Isa Smiths Profile Photo
"Engineering at Undo is different from many other companies in that it truly has a culture of trust, giving us freedom in deciding how best to solve a problem. We don't have any processes or tools forced upon us, and our close contact with customers means that we're able to really understand what we need to make a customer happy. We're different because our engineering efforts have a direct impact on the company's success, rather than being several steps removed."
Isa Smith
Senior Software Engineer
Bruce Bye Profile Photo
"Unlike many company's sales and support engineering teams, Undo's are fully integrated into engineering as a whole. This means that we are always aware of what's coming up, and able to offer feedback on how customers will be affected at an early stage in a feature's development. Perhaps most beneficially, no engineer needs to be 100% pigeonholed. Sales engineers do some development work, whilst developers get some interaction with customers. This gives the team a greater sense of all pulling together than is usual with separate functional teams"
Bruce Bye
Sales Engineer
Mark Williamson Profile Photo
"From an engineer's perspective, Undo's strongest attributes are its technology and its people. It's an exciting time to be at the company, since we're growing fast and getting stronger as we go."
Mark Williamson
Principal Software Engineer
Dan Stephenson Profile Photo
"I recently graduated from the University of Nottingham and was attracted to Undo because I was intrigued by the cool technology they were building. I was quickly brought up to speed and enjoy working with the team, which is the friendliest I've ever worked in. I greatly value the culture of trust that exists and genuinely feel that the engineers have built this together. The work itself is really interesting and I enjoy discovering inventive solutions to complex challenges."
Dan Stevenson
Graduate Software Engineer

Find great Engineering opportunities for you

  • Senior Sales Engineer (US)

    Bay Area

    Are you a seasoned engineer with experience in customer facing roles, looking to drive relationships with enterprise? This is the one for you!

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  • Software Engineers

    Cambridge, UK


    Tired of being a cog in the machine? Take an active part in developing really exciting technology.

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Working at Undo

We believe that if we create a relaxed, informal working environment and give people all the resources they need, they will respond by doing great work.

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