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Operations Analyst

Posted on January 11 2019
Job title: Operations Analyst
Term: Permanent position
Reports to: Operations Manager
Direct reports: N/A
Location: Cambridge
Date posted: 11 Jan 2019

Purpose: A business and technical generalist who will thrive in a multidisciplinary role with a specific focus on Undo’s business systems.


  • The Operations team currently fulfils a wide range of business needs spanning business analytics, IT, finance, international HR, facilities, legal and purchasing - the exact role will be aligned to the candidates skills and interests
  • Work across the business to drive improvement projects
  • Enable the business to collect data and generate reports that drive outcomes
  • Maintaining and building business systems


  • 1-5 years’ business experience

Skills required:

  • Rigorous business analytics
  • Excellent organisational and coordination skills
  • Ability to deliver projects
  • Enterprise software experience would be an advantage
  • Good written/verbal English


  • Degree in an analytical subject or equivalent experience

Working style:

Undo is a team-oriented company with individuals empowered to propose and enact changes. Undo encourages team members to keep a good work/life balance and strives to not depend on personal heroism to achieve its corporate goals. We are flexible and will go to some length to ensure working conditions are conducive to happiness.


Undo looks for team players. You need to feel ownership of the team’s goals rather than just your own. Trust, honesty and respect for others is essential. Enthusiasm and drive are valued.

The ideal candidate would be proactive, have good time management and have a positive attitude to ‘getting their hands dirty’.

Our culture requires you to be effective at making team decisions. A team member should expect to participate in open discussions, to challenge and be challenged, with arguments based on reason and to occasionally compromise in order to achieve team consensus.


If you think your profile is a good match, then we would love to hear from you. Send your CV and cover letter (explaining why you are a great fit for this role) to careers@undo.io