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Proof of Value (PoV) Evaluations

We want you to succeed with our record & replay technology

A Live Recorder Proof of Value (PoV) engagement is designed to demonstrate how Live Recorder will fit into and enhance your existing workflow.

 Live Recorder will:

  • Increase developer productivity
  • Allow diagnosis of software bugs that were otherwise intractable
  • Speed up resolution to critical customer issues and prevent critical failures from happening at all
  • Maximize the chances of customer satisfaction and improve customer retention

Our PoV evaluation will focus on a specific use case inside your organization to show you how Undo's solutions can add real value to your business. PoVs take no longer than 4-6 weeks and involve no more than 1-2 engineers from your organization part-time during this period.

We work with you to ensure our products deliver real value.

1. Evaluation criteria
Prior to the start of your PoV, Undo will work with you to determine how our tools can add value to your organization and deliver real ROI.  
2. Workflow
An Undo Sales Engineer will consult with your engineering teams to understand their workflow(s). We offer advice on how to sympathetically incorporate Undo tools into the workflow to ensure your engineers benefit from using the technology as quickly and easily as possible.
3. Integration
We'll integrate Live Recorder into the scenario chosen for evaluation (that may be integrated into product released to customers, for public or private cloud production environment, or test infrastructure). For the duration of the PoV, a trial group of developers will have a license to use Undo tools within their Linux development/debugging environment.
4. Timeline
During the course of the PoV and as well as onsite engineering activity, both sides commit to a weekly project review either on-site or via video conference. The focus of each review is detailed below.

The PoV timescale

Immediately prior to PoV period
Integration of Undo tools into your workflow (Consulting from Undo if required)
Technical contact, Technical support
Start of PoV period
PoV commences - Initial training in analysis of recordings utilizing Undo tools
Technical Support and Trial Group
+1 week (*)
Progress review - Technical Lead presents one or two fault recordings and approach taken to resolution (Undo provide consulting services)
Technical Support, Technical Lead, Technical Contact and Trial Group
+2 weeks (*)
Progress review
Technical Support, Technical Lead, Technical Contact and Trial Group
+3 weeks
Review of performance against evaluation criteria to date
Technical Support, Technical Lead and PoV Sponsor
+4 weeks
End of PoV - Presentation of PoV results within your organization
Technical Lead, PoV Sponsor and Commercial Stakeholders
+5 weeks
Deployment proposal outlined.
Technical Lead and PoV Sponsor