Getting the most out of QA: making intermittent test failures actionable with Undo’s LiveRecorder

We live in a world in which software is increasingly dominant. Not only do we rely ever more on software, but its complexity is becoming even greater.

With greater complexity, bugs are more likely to be intermittent with failures difficult to reproduce. Sometimes this non-determinism results in failures never getting fixed. Any unfixed bug is potentially a security breach or catastrophic customer outage waiting to happen.

LiveRecorder bridges the gap between identifying a failure in the Quality Assurance (QA) environment and creating a reliable reproducer in the developer’s environment by generating a recording. The recording harnesses the power of reversible debugging to give the developer the power of going backwards through a program’s execution from the symptom of a failure to its root cause, reducing time and effort to diagnose and fix failures.

This whitepaper reviews modern approaches to testing, with a particular emphasis on simplifying interactions between QA and Development teams. It then explores how Undo’s LiveRecorder is allowing teams to optimise their existing test systems in addition to capturing and analysing failures using record, rewind and replay.

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