Setting up UndoDB within Eclipse

Setting up UndoDB from within Eclipse is simple, requiring only a few configuration changes.

1. Open up Eclipse. Go to the run menu and select debug configurations. From the debugger tab, change the gdb debugger from gdb to undodb-gdb to enable reversible debugging. Enable reverse debugging at startup to enable reverse debug. Apply those changes.

2. The only other step is to enable reversible debugging in the GUI. Right click on the toolbar, select customize perspective from the window menu and choose the command groups availability tab. Select reverse debugging.

3. We can now fire up the debugger and step forwards and backwards. We can reverse step into the function, and we can step forwards into the the function as usual.

It has taken us less than 1 minute and 26 seconds to set up UndoDB from within Eclipse. To see how to set up UndoDB within Emacs and DDD, please see our other screencasts, or watch an example debugging session with UndoDB.