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Live Recorder for Test

Change the way your organization deals with software quality issues and stop severe sporadic failures from turning into serious customer complaints

Record & replay program execution of your test run

Is your engineering team hitting intermittent failing tests which they can't reproduce and which are being swept under the carpet?

  • Catch sporadic failures exposed by your test suites which current debugging techniques and systems are unable to handle.
  • Record, rewind and replay your Linux C/C++ code to see the value of any memory location (and any register) at any moment in your program’s execution history.
  • Capture all non-deterministic data and reliably recreate your application’s entire memory and register state on demand at any point in its execution with minimal overhead.

What Live Recorder for Test can do for you

Transform the way your organization handles software quality issues and minimize uncertainty and costly release schedule delays

Clear your growing backlog of undiagnosed failing tests
Diagnose and fix serious software defects before they cause havoc on customer site.
Safeguard your relationships with key clients
Stop software quality issues from affecting commercial engagements.
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Protect your company reputation and bottom line
Mitigate risks of outages, security breaches and memory leaks making their way into production.

Chosen by world-leading organizations to deliver the highest quality software

How Live Recorder for Test works

Enhance your test suite to capture hard-to-reproduce bugs. Use Undo's record, rewind and replay technology to catch failures 'in the act' (making them 100% reproducible), and analyse the recording using Undo's reverse-debugger.

Live Recorder for Automated Test seamless integration

Seamless integration

Run your program under the standalone Live Recorder executable or embed Live Recorder in your test suite. Replay is enabled by UndoDB, the reverse-debugger for Linux. No matter your set-up, we help you integrate our tools.

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Trusted by world-leading companies

SAP logo
We are extremely excited about the potential to simplify and improve our fuzz testing infrastructure with Live Recorder, allowing us to significantly reduce the effort to find and fix complex defects very early in the development cycle.
Alexander Boehm
Test Architect, SAP
SAP logo
SAP’s decision to use Live Recorder reflects our commitment to continue delivering the highest quality software to our customers. It will allow our internal development teams to collaborate more easily when fixing issues, whilst dramatically boosting development productivity and allowing more time to concentrate on innovation for the next generation of HANA.
Daniel Schneiss
Global Head of SAP HANA Development

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Fuzz testing of SAP HANA using Live Recorder for Test

Learn how SAP is improving software quality in multi-threaded database, SAP HANA.

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Optimize your QA process

Get the most out of your test system and capture sporadic failures using record, rewind and replay.

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Integrate Live Recorder for Test with Jenkins

Learn how Live Recorder for Automated Test integrates into Jenkins’ Blue Ocean to capture failures in your continuous integration environment.

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