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Software Failure Replay transforms software failure diagnosis from a slow process of elimination into a systematic, repeatable workflow that delivers confidence, certainty and an accelerated pathway to MTTR.

Eliminate time spent on reproducing errors
Leave imprecise caveman debugging techniques behind
Speed up root cause detection
Minimize customer disruption

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Software Failure Replay Explained

Traditional methods of debugging rely on being able to reproduce software failures and guesswork when trying to figure out the root cause.

LiveRecorder simply records what actually happened. All events, interrupts, memory allocation, changes to disk contents, user inputs, and device output are added to the recording. A recording simply gives a carbon copy of what occurred - no reproducibility time needed!

The recording can then be replayed and debugged on any machine. Using LiveRecorder’s reverse debugging features, developers can quickly zero-in on the problem bug, deploy a fix once and resolve the problem.


The benefits of of record and replay debugging

Accelerate failure diagnosis
Identify software defects without having to reproduce the entire system environment.
Track down impossible defects
Capture the most challenging software defects - even the sporadic non-deterministic failures no-one can get to the bottom of.
Turn your tests green
Realise your CI investment by turning your tests green and keeping them green.
Deliver a better customer experience
Get your in-production troubleshooting under control and give a good impression.
Protect your bottom line
Safeguard your customer relationships, retain your key customers and protect revenue.
Boost engineering productivity
Unblock development pipeline and reduce the overhead in debugging and software diagnostic.

Meet LiveRecorder

LiveRecorder can be used across all phases of the development lifecycle.

Reduce time-to-resolution of software defects

Competitor Comparison

LiveRecorder vs traditional software reliability methods

Static and dynamic analysis tools only find problems they were programmed to seek out and highlight too many false positives. And unlike traditional, manual debugging which is based on guesswork, LiveRecorder gives you data-driven insight into what your software really did before it failed.

By recording a failed process down to instruction level, you get a 100% reproducible test case. LiveRecorder can also capture intermittent, non-deterministic failures which cannot be tracked down in any other way.

Logging, dumps, printf
Static & dynamic analysis
Reproduce every failure with 100% certainty (including intermittent & non-deterministic)
Collect failure data from customers with minimal disruption
Analyze every possible cause of failure
Remove false positives causes

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LiveRecorder enables software reliability solutions across all phases of the software lifecycle. Record and replay program execution to quickly diagnose severe software failures in test or in production.

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