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Resolve customer issues faster

Troubleshooting a live production system can be pretty hairy. Meanwhile, customers have little tolerance for slow defect resolution response time. Undo can help you reduce time-to-resolution of software defects by at least 10x.

With Undo's BlackBox solution, you can resolve customer issues faster and protect your bottom-line.

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Undo BlackBox

Undo's BlackBox solution removes the guesswork in software diagnosis and accelerates defect resolution by 10x.

We call it BlackBox because it is based on a technology that works the same way as an aircraft black box (informal name for a flight recorder). Instead of recording the state of all an aircraft’s subsystems, its trajectory, and position, velocity, etc., Undo's BlackBox solution records what your software does as it executes.

Delay and uncertainty

Over 95% of both software makers and their customers regard the disruptive potential of a complete software failure and/or data corruption as significant. Sometimes, unexpected software behavior is enough to cause havoc on customer site. When things go wrong in production, the big enemies are delay and uncertainty.

Disruptive potential of failures in production

Causes and impact of poor software reliability

The fundamental problem of reproducibility

Despite the swift diagnostic imperative, troubleshooting software issues in a complex production environment is hard. It can be impossible to recreate the conditions under which the application is running and the defect occurred.

Reproducibility is the fundamental problem in software defect diagnosis.

Meanwhile, customers are paying millions of dollars per year for a reliable and predictable system. Consequences are high if there’s a memory corruption issue, the wrong row is returned, or data goes missing. Your reputation and renewals are on the line.

How is this problem currently solved

The guesswork in software defect resolution

So how is this problem of reproducibility in a production environment currently solved? In a word: poorly.

Diagnosing software failures is like trying to solve a giant jigsaw puzzle - without the box. To gain each piece, you have to add some logging, redeploy, wait for the software to fail, look at the the logs, realize you didn’t log enough, and repeat. Engineers have to ask 21 questions: what did you do, when, how; and every time you go round this loop, the customer is experiencing your software failure again and is getting increasingly dissatisfied.

The whole process is time-consuming, inefficient, and frustrating for everyone.


Undo BlackBox

Undo's BlackBox solution is an integrated package - comprising of a core product and services - designed to address this complex problem of software defect resolution once your application is in the field.

LiveRecorder product

Software flight recording technology

What if you had a black box capability to record a software failure in the act?

Undo's BlackBox solution enables you to record what your software was doing before, during, and after the defect occurred.

Undo's BlackBox is based on Undo's LiveRecorder product. LiveRecorder records your program's execution, captures all non-deterministic data, and recreates your application’s entire memory and the register state. The recording file represents a 100% reproducible test case.

Your engineers can get straight to analyzing the data in the recording artefact by replaying it backwards and forwards (down to instruction level granularity if required) for speedy diagnosis.


Undo's BlackBox solution comes with a comprehensive services package that will ensure you are successful at resolving customer issues faster. With this solution, Undo's customers generally see a return on investment within 6 months for their mission-critical systems.

Integration in your application
LiveRecorder incl. its reverse-debugging functionality, UndoDB, is packaged into your software deployment either on-premise or in the cloud
Core Engineering training
Training of Core Engineering on how to debug effectively with LiveRecorder
Training FAEs
Your Field Application Engineers get training on how to use Undo in the field and how to obtain recordings to be sent back to Core Engineering
Advanced diagnostic workshop
Training Core Engineering team on developing dynamic logging scripts for use by Field Application Engineers (incl. in IP-sensitive and/or PII-sensitive deployments)
Quarterly Business Reviews
Quarterly reviews to track success metrics with key stakeholders
Bi-annual Center of Excellence
On-site new user and refresher training bi-annually to maximise investment and ensure implementation success


Deliver first-class customer experience

Avoid unnecessary back-and-forth work, obtain all the data you need in one failure recording, and minimize customer disruption

Accelerate defect resolution

Resolve customer issues in production faster than you can do with traditional diagnosis and debugging techniques

Protect your bottom-line

Stop software reliability issues from affecting commercial engagements: safeguard your reputation, your customer relationships and your bottom-line

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