Undo GreenTest

Unblock your development pipeline

Is your delivery velocity hindered by a growing backlog of failing tests? According to a Cambridge University study, 50% of software engineers' time is spent finding and fixing bugs.(1)

With Undo's GreenTest solution, you can unblock your development pipeline and accelerate software delivery by turning your flaky tests green... and keeping them green.

Reproducible test case
Obtain a 100% reproducible test case in minutes, not months.
Time saving
Reduce failure diagnosis time by at least 26%.(1)
Cheaper to fix early
Failures in production are 30 times more expensive than further up the development cycle.(2)
Test Failure Illustration
The CI aspiration vs reality

CI requires zero-tolerance of test failures

Continuous Integration is the key to success for delivering at velocity; but there's a catch. To realize the full potential of CI, it requires a zero-tolerance approach to test failures: tests must turn green... and failures represent new regressions. Unfortunately, intermittent non-deterministic test failures combined with running thousands of tests every hour make this very challenging to handle.

Traditional methods like logging, printf and core dump analysis can be useful at times but rely heavily on guesswork - slowing you down rather than accelerating time to deployment. On average, 50% of engineers' time is still spent on software defect diagnosis and debugging. Yet, software is regularly deployed with both known and unknown defects - ticking time bombs deployed into production. 91% of software developers admit to having unresolved defects because they cannot reproduce them.(3)

Reproducibility is the fundamental problem in software defect resolution techniques.


Undo GreenTest

With Undo's GreenTest solution, you can enter a new era in software development. A world where you can turn all your tests green... and keep them green.

This integrated package - comprising of a core product and professional services - is designed to help you resolve your intermittent test failures once and for all, so you can get back to focusing on delivering changes at velocity.

Live Recorder product

Solving the reproducibility problem

Undo's GreenTest solution accelerates software defect resolution by eliminating the guesswork in software failure diagnosis. It provides full visibility and definitive data-driven insights into what your software actually did before it failed.

The solution - based on our Live Recorder product - resolves the technical challenge of reproducibility, simply by recording the program's execution as it fails. The recording file represents a 100% reproducible test case. No need to waste months trying to recreate the problem. Your engineers can get straight to analyzing the data in the recording artifact by replaying it backwards and forwards for speedy diagnosis.


Services included in this solution

Undo's GreenTest solution comes with a comprehensive services package that will ensure you are successful at unblocking your development pipeline and delivering software changes at velocity.

Undo's customers generally see a return on investment within 6 months for their mission-critical systems.

Integration with your build & test infrastructure
Live Recorder is integrated into your build and test infrastructure
Pipeline integration
Setup of CI pipelines to generate and save recordings of failed test runs as artefacts in your CI system.
Product training
Training developers on effective use of Live Recorder recordings to diagnose test failures
Advanced debugging workshops
Training and workshops on developing dynamic logging scripts for use in quickly narrowing down failures
Quarterly Business Reviews
Quarterly reviews to track success metrics with key stakeholders
Bi-annual Center of Excellence
On-site new user and refresher training bi-annually to maximise investment and ensure implementation success


Unblock your development pipeline

Fix challenging defects that are blocking your development pipeline and keep to your release schedule.

Turn your CI tests green

Realize the full potential of your Continuous Integration investment: turn your tests green...and keep them green.

Boost engineering productivity

Speed up defect diagnosis by 25% and allocate more engineering time for delivering valuable features.


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