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Innovative features that help you understand exactly what your program did.

Record, rewind and replay

Our technology provides all of the features of a modern conventional debugger, plus a variety of unique features that are made possible by our reverse execution engine. With a variety of integration options, our products are designed to fit your use case. And it’ll normally just work with your application and your existing Linux platform, with no need for any changes.

Undo products

Finding bugs in your code is faster and easier than ever before

Our unique features help you to fix bugs in minutes, not weeks.

  • Total visibility

    See the value of any memory location/register at any moment in the program’s execution history.
  • Reverse breakpoints

    Run back to the last moment your program executed a specified line of code.
  • Reverse watchpoints

    Run back to the location where a variable was last changed.
  • Navigate through history

    Jump forwards or backwards to any moment in your program’s history and inspect variables and memory.
  • Deferred recording

    Start recording after your program is initialised, or attach to a process that’s already running.
  • Cross-machine replay

    Replay recordings on a different machine to the one where the recording was originally made.

Seamless integration into your application and development workflow

Everyone has their own way to be productive. Our technology is designed to fit into a variety of workflows, so you won’t need to change the way you work.

  • Command-line recording

    Use our command-line tool to record your application from the command line without requiring code changes.
  • Easy-to-use API control

    Use our API to allow you to integrate our recording technology into your application, allowing it to record itself.
  • IDE integration

    Add our technology to existing debugging front-ends such as Eclipse, CLion and Emacs.


Integration with almost all Linux systems and applications

We don’t require any special system or application features. Just a standard Linux environment, with no changes required.

  • Broad CPU support

    Record and replay on any x86 or ARM Cortex-A CPU.
  • Broad kernel compatibility

    Record and replay on any version of Linux from 2.6 onwards (including Android) with no need for kernel changes or extra modules.
  • No toolchain changes

    Record and replay without needing a special compiler or libraries.
  • Works in the cloud

    Record and replay on physical hardware and within all VM and Cloud environments.
  • Works with high data rates

    Record and replay programs that process data from kilobytes to terabytes in size.
  • Handles concurrency

    Record and replay multi-threaded programs, and those that use shared memory and asynchronous I/O.