The interactive reverse debugger for Linux-based applications

Time travel through code and fix software failures fast with UndoDB.

Load your LiveRecorder recording an re-run program execution under UndoDB
Use as a standalone reverse debugger or integrate it with GDB
Reduce your debugging time by 26%

Time travel debugging

Debug runtime errors in C/C++ and more

UndoDB is the interactive reverse debugger for Linux applications that comes as part of LiveRecorder.

Source-level debugging can be carried out on applications written in any language supported by GDB, including C/C++, Rust, Go, and Ada.

UndoDB works on any user-mode compiled code on x86. It incorporates the full functionality expected of modern debuggers (such as scripting, conditional breakpoints and watchpoints, full inspection of globals and locals); it also allows these features to be used with the program running in reverse so you can enjoy all the benefits of a time travel debugger.

UndoDB Quick Reference Guide


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