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Transform the way your organisation handles software quality issues

Record & replay program execution in order to quickly diagnose severe software failures in test or in production

Our solutions

Chosen by world-leading organisations to deliver the highest quality software

What Undo can do for you

We offer a new way of diagnosing and fixing Linux C/C++ application failures using record, rewind, replay technology

Fix critical issues with ease
Complex software failures no longer need to strike fear into your development team and cause issues for your field application engineers.
Improve software quality
Unaddressed failing tests or production failures can seriously harm your reputation. Capture them as recordings for effective root cause analysis.
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Safeguard customer relationships
Resolve software quality issues quickly, keeping your customers happy and protecting your bottom line.

What our customers say

" SAP’s decision to use Live Recorder reflects our commitment to continue delivering the highest quality software to our customers. It will allow our internal development teams to collaborate more easily when fixing issues, whilst dramatically boosting development productivity and allowing more time to concentrate on innovation for the next generation of HANA. "

 - Daniel SchneissGlobal Head of SAP HANA Development

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