Resolve defects faster with Software Failure Replay
  • Slash MTTR of failures up to 10x
  • Accelerate software delivery
  • Improve engineering efficiency
What is Software Failure Replay?
UDB - debugger for Linux C/C++

Find and fix bugs in minutes with Time Travel Debugging.
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Hello, Java World!

Developers can now use LiveRecorder to record, replay and reverse-debug Java applications seamlessly in IntelliJ IDEA

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5 key metrics for boosting software development efficiency

The 5 key metrics you should care about if you need to deliver more value, faster, with fewer resouces.

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Resolve software defects faster with LiveRecorder

LiveRecorder is a best in class Software Failure Replay platform. LiveRecorder enables engineering teams to record and replay software execution in development or production.

Record - software errors
Replay - debug the recording
Resolve - failures fast

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Our Products

UDB - Time Travel Debugger

Best time travel reverse debugger available for Linux C/C++ applications.

Replay the program execution history to understand exactly what went wrong and why. Find out more about UDB.

Failure reproducibility
Get to the root cause of software defects quickly and with absolute certainty
Faster Time-To-Resolution
Solve challenging software defects 10x faster than with traditional debugging methods
6 months
ROI within 6 months
Undo's technology found to pay for itself in the above time frame when deployed on mission critical systems

The Benefits Of

Software Failure Replay

Record. Don’t reproduce
Record the failure and debug the recording. Spend no time trying to reproduce the error.
Accelerate MTTR
Reduce the average time it takes to resolve all defects - even the most challenging ones.
Unblock your development pipeline
Fix painful defects that are blocking your development pipeline, boost engineering productivity, and keep to your release schedule.
Clear your backlog of failing tests
Realize your investment in Continuous Integration and deliver software changes at velocity by turning your test suite green and keeping it green.
Prevent releasing a disaster
An undiagnosed software defect is like a ticking time bomb ... no need to ship mission-critical applications with known defects.
Resolve customer issues faster
Accelerate time-to-resolution of all defects and stop software reliability issues from affecting commercial engagements.

Capture bugs in the act with LiveRecorder

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