Education and courses for debugging

Training, community, and documentation you need to become a Debugging Ninja

Undo University

On-demand courses from experts in LiveRecorder, UDB, and GDB, combined with hands-on practice through virtual labs and quizzes to test your knowledge.


GDB Training Course

Know the basics of GDB but want to dive deeper? Uncover more GDB debugging capabilities with Prof. Mike Shah.


Debugging Multithreaded Applications

Bespoke on-site training for teams of C++ engineers who want to get more productive debugging complex multithreaded Linux C/C++ applications.

1-2 Day On-Site Training

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Time Travelers Discord Community

To access technical support from the community and help with debugging your C/++ application, join us on the Time Travelers Discord channel


Developer guides, documentation, and API references

Learn how to get started with time travel debugging, develop advanced troubleshooting skills and learn how to integrate LiveRecorder and UDB into your application or workflow using our documentation.