Resolve network outages and customer issues faster

Today's networking systems are inherently complex...and based on software. Millions of topology permutations cannot all be tested. Inevitably defects make it into production. And bugs in the network cause lapses in security and production outages - leading to customer frustration, reduced sales opportunities and reduced margins.

Networking organisations cannot afford for their software to fail.

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Undo Solution

Recording a failed process on networking devices

Software defects are becoming more difficult to recreate, analyze and solve. Critical intermittent software bugs in particular take weeks of debugging time using traditional debugging methods. Debugging software in a system this complex is costly and slow...and networking customers have little tolerance for that. What if you could record what happens in a failed process?

Undo offers a new approach to debugging which eliminates guesswork entirely. With Undo's Live Recorder product, engineers can take an exact recording of a program's execution - as the failure occurs - offering a standalone reproducible test case providing full visibility into all the factors that led up to the failure.

The same recording can then be analyzed offline with Live Recorder's reversible debugger, allowing engineers to step forwards and backwards through the program's execution for a quick diagnosis.

Key Benefits

Mitigate the risk of networking outages and security breaches which could impact your business

Increase engineering productivity

Reduce the overhead of debugging by speeding up software defect diagnosis time.

Resolve customer issues faster

Troubleshoot customer issues much faster than you do currently using traditional debugging methods.

Safeguard customer relationships

Minimize risks of outages and security breaches that could jeopardize customer relationships and impact revenue.

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Live Recorder enables software reliability solutions across all phases of the software lifecycle, including development, test, and production. Record and replay program execution to quickly diagnose severe software failures in test or in production.

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