Deliver high-quality networking solutions and resolve customer issues faster

Delivering robust and secure products for increasingly complex routing platforms, SDNs, SD-WAN, or SDDC is a genuine challenge. Inevitably defects make it into production – leading to poor customer experience, security risks, decreasing sales, and reduced margins.

LiveRecorder is used by leading networking vendors in Silicon Valley and India to:

  • Accelerate bug-fix time, boost engineering productivity, and deliver cutting-edge products on schedule
  • Improve customer experience by improving product quality and reducing defect slippage
  • Fix fielded defects faster and minimize customer disruption
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Time travel debugging

Reduce time spent debugging with LiveRecorder

Software defects in complex networking systems are becoming more difficult to recreate and resolve. It can take days or weeks using traditional debugging methods. This is a slow and costly process, for which telecom customers have little tolerance.

LiveRecorder eliminates the guesswork in debugging. With LiveRecorder, engineers can capture an exact recording of a program's execution - as the failure occurs.

Engineers can then analyze the recording file offline by stepping forward and backward through the program's execution.

The recording provides full visibility into all the factors that led up to the failure.

This workflow improves engineering productivity, since no time is wasted trying to reproduce the failure.

LiveRecorder is the time travel debugging platform for Linux C/C++ and Java applications.

Key Benefits

Deliver a quality product at velocity

Boost engineering productivity

Reduce the overhead of debugging, get your whole team radically more productive, and free up time for engineers to innovate.

Improve product quality and security

Reduce defect slippage, catch and fix defects early before they hit customers, actively improving customer experience.

Resolve customer issues faster

Troubleshoot customer issues much faster than with traditional debugging methods and deliver a first-class customer experience.

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