Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

Fix software defects faster and unblock your customers' pipelines

In the EDA industry, software reliability and correctness are key requirements. Automotive, semiconductor and telecommunication clients are particularly demanding. Many billions of dollars are at stake if chips are delayed by defects in EDA tooling.

LiveRecorder is widely used in EDA to resolve defects faster, both in production and in development/test.

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Reduce time spent debugging with time travel debugging

Software crashes and inconsistent results from EDA tools bring real challenges for your engineers. Rigorous IP protection protocols and constrained access to the failing environment make it extremely difficult to diagnose issues.

Traditional debugging methodologies are speculative and time-consuming. Logging and core dump analysis usually require slow compile / build / test cycles demanding substantial efforts from both your engineering team and your clients. Meanwhile, those clients are in a hurry to meet stringent manufacturing deadlines.

Unlike traditional approaches to debugging, LiveRecorder enables engineers to record the execution of a software program - capturing bugs in the act. The recording allows engineers to observe exactly what the program did, and why. By stepping forward and backward in the recording file, engineers can quickly diagnose the root cause of issues.

This workflow significantly improves engineering productivity, since no time is wasted trying to reproduce failures.

Key benefits

Deliver a first-class service for your telecoms and semiconductor customers

Diagnose and fix bugs faster

Reduce defect resolution time by reducing multiple iterations down to one debug cycle. Record a failure once, then debug the recording.

Minimize blockages in silicon design workflow

Don't make clients miss their fabrication deadline. Respond fast to incidents in the field.

Safeguard customer relationships

Keep your clients on your side by minimizing delays in their design cycle... and protect your renewal revenue.

Success story

Undo is a member of the Questa Vanguard Program

The Questa Vanguard Program is part of Siemens EDA (formerly Mentor Graphics). It extends Siemens EDA's breadth of design and verification technologies through partnerships with industry-leading companies. The Questa Vanguard partners provide verification-related tools and methods, verification IP, conversion services, training and consulting based on Siemens EDA's industry-leading Questa verification platform. The program was established to bring design and verification engineers world-class product integrations and interoperability to enhance their Questa verification options and build a strong and comprehensive SystemVerilog ecosystem.

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