Building a world in which computers tell us exactly what they did and why

Undo is the time travel debugging company for Linux. We equip developers with the technology to understand complex code and fix bugs faster.

Developers spend far too much time figuring out what code actually does – either to understand other people’s code or to find and fix bugs. Debugging can be especially time-consuming when software failures cannot be reproduced. 

Time travel debugging solves this problem by making bugs 100% reproducible. By bringing time travel debugging to CI and System Test, Undo’s LiveRecorder enables developers to save time diagnosing the root causes of new regressions, legacy bugs, and flaky tests.

Thousands of developers across leading technology firms including SAP, Juniper Networks, and Siemens use LiveRecorder to improve developer productivity, development velocity, and software quality.

The story of Undo

Undo started out as a fast-growing technology start-up founded by Greg Law and Julian Smith. Both started working evenings and weekends in Greg's garden shed, determined to build a tool for developers to ease the pain of debugging complex software.

Following receipt of seed funding in 2012, the company is now established as the time travel debugging company for Linux software development.


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