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Build a reliable data management application your customers can trust

Database management systems, data delivery, processing, and analytics are mission-critical to the businesses that run on them.

They are also very complex, and users often push them to their limits of performance and scalability. As complexity increases, finding and fixing defects becomes harder and more time consuming.

To help ensure product quality, data integrity and security, leading data management system vendors have integrated LiveRecorder in their CI/CD pipeline to catch and resolve defects early in their development cycle.

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Software Failure Replay

An unfixed data management software defect can be a catastrophic customer issue waiting to happen... data loss, security breach, business downtime.

With Software Failure Replay, engineers can record a program's execution and thereby capture an exact replica of a failing run. The recording provides a complete picture of what your software did, and why.

Engineers simply analyze the recording file by stepping forward and backward through the program's execution, just as they would with a video player. This process allows engineers to swiftly identify the root cause of the defect, and fix it.

This workflow significantly improves engineering efficiency, since no time is wasted trying to reproduce the failure.

LiveRecorder is the leading Software Failure Replay platform available for C/C++ and Java applications.

Key benefits

Don’t knowingly release a disaster

Respond faster to test failures

Record every software failure in your CI/CD pipeline - including flaky tests - and give engineers actionable artifacts that help them fix issues within hours, not weeks

Avoid deploying ticking time-bombs

Don't let intermittent software failures appear in production because you couldn't diagnose and fix them in development

Safeguard customer relationships

Keep customers on your side by minimizing outages and data integrity issues

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