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Build a reliable data management application your customers can trust

Enterprise data management system vendors cannot afford production outages...

Being able to deliver the exact information customers need from anywhere in the world requires you to develop and deliver some of the most complex, high-performance distributed data management applications. Ensuring that data integrity, security and quality is maintained whilst improving speed and agility comes with the territory.

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Undo solution

As complexity in enterprise application development increases, it’s becoming harder to debug those applications. So you end up with a growing backlog of undiagnosed sporadically failing tests and you don’t know why...

But an unfixed failure is potentially a security breach or a catastrophic customer outage waiting to happen. So what do you do?

Software flight recording technology offers a solution. With this new technology, you can record your program's execution and thereby capture an exact replica of a failing run. The recording file represents a standalone reproducible test case that provides complete visibility into what your software did and why. The same recording can then be analyzed offline with LiveRecorder's reversible debugger, allowing engineers to step forwards and backwards through the program's execution for a quick diagnosis.

Key benefits

Don’t knowingly release a disaster

Respond to crisis situations in production faster

Speed up total software defect diagnosis time and respond to crisis situations in production much faster.

Avoid deploying ticking time-bombs

Intermittent software failures you couldn't fix in test rearing their ugly head in production is not something you can afford if you're building a data management system.

Safeguard customer relationships

Keep your clients happy by minimizing outages, data integrity issues or by responding to crisis situations faster than other vendors can and protect your key client relationships.

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LiveRecorder enables software reliability solutions across all phases of the software lifecycle, including development, test, and production. Record and replay program execution to quickly diagnose severe software failures in test or in production.

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