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Ensuring system availability

With the move to 'Digital First', your customers now rely on the robustness of your online applications. High volume financial transaction systems must be highly secure, perform at incredible speed, be available 24/7 and defect free. A tough ask considering the increased level of complexity involved in developing ever more complex algorithmic programs based on multi-layered processes reliant on huge networks.

These pressures are further exaggerated by a highly regulated environment: FCA guidance dictates that any software outage must be documented and explained - resulting in considerable operational losses.

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Rooting out intermittent failures

As complexity in banking IT solutions increases, it’s becoming harder to debug these applications and services. Of course following continuous integration and DevOps practices are all worthwhile. But there's still a huge gap: tests are still not turning green and applications still get deployed with known - and unknown - software defects.

Every unfixed failure is a potential security breach or a catastrophic outage of your customer-facing application waiting to happen. So how can you ensure intermittent software defects don't end up resulting in poor customer experience?

With software flight recording technology, you can record your program's execution and thereby capture an exact replica of a failing run. The recording file represents a standalone reproducible test case that provides complete visibility into what your software did and why - saving hours or days on guesswork. The recording can then easily be analyzed offline with Live Recorder's reversible-debugger, allowing engineers to step forwards and backwards through the program's execution for a quick diagnosis.

Key Benefits

Maintain systems availability and protect your reputation

Deliver first-class customer experience

Ensure you deploy reliable applications and minimize the risk of down-time - boosting your Net Promoter Score and customer loyalty.

Reduce time-to-resolution of defects

Dramatically decrease mean time-to-resolution of software defects by eliminating guesswork and obtaining an exact replay of the event that led to the software failure.

Support compliance and security

By recording a software failure - whether in test or in production - you have a 100% reproducible test case.

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