Financial Services

Ensuring service availability

Deliver innovative customer experiences, accelerate your time to market, and improve the reliability & availability of your software with Undo Live Recorder.

Whether capital markets, insurance, global investment banks, payments, or fintech startups, - we understand that modern financial services companies seek to:

  1. accelerate the go-to-market speed of their services
  2. deliver richer customer experiences
  3. strengthen security
  4. drive operational efficiencies
  5. lower costs
Online banking

Business Challenges

High volume financial transaction systems must be highly secure, perform at incredible speed, be available 24/7 and defect free.

This is a huge ask and too often financial software development and defect resolution for this sector is held back by:

  1. Highly complex code bases - monolithic or distributed cloud architecture with microservices
  2. Taking a long time to ship - ensuring software reliability can be very slow
  3. Software applications that are difficult to maintain & result in failure cascades - a failure of one part of a monolithic application can cascade and result in bringing down the entire system, if not properly designed

These pressures are further exaggerated by the highly regulated environment: FCA guidance dictates that any software outage must be documented and explained. This requirement can result in considerable operational resources and losses.

The Solution

Live Recorder

Reducing the probability of software failure is now critical to any financial service company’s business mission and that’s exactly what Live Recorder does.

Live Recorder provides software engineers/ DevOps with a toolkit that enables the acceleration of software defect detection and diagnosis. Live Recorder’s core capabilities are its record and playback functions, that enable our customers to capture bugs (recurring or intermittent) red-handed and in the act. Live Recorder is powered by next generation software flight recorder technology.

How it works

Record Replay Resolve

Traditional methods of software debugging rely on being able to reproduce software failures, which can be costly and take huge amounts of time. Live Recorder simply records ‘what happened’.

All events, interrupts, memory allocation, changes to disk contents, user inputs, and device output are added to the recording. A recording simply gives a carbon copy of what occurred - no reproducibility time needed! With the recording DevOps can swiftly & efficiently zero-in on the problem bug and fix it using advanced reverse debugging techniques.

Time to resolution is accelerated and for regulatory purposes, bugs and their causes can be easily identified, documented and explained as required.

Live Recorder has a solution for software defect diagnosis in test environments as well as in production or live.

Live Recorder removes software failure and unreliability barriers, enabling our customers to focus on what truly matters for their businesses.

Key Benefits

Maintain systems availability and protect your reputation

Deliver first-class customer experience

Ensure you deploy reliable applications and minimize the risk of down-time - boosting your Net Promoter Score and customer loyalty.

Reduce time-to-resolution of defects

Dramatically decrease mean time-to-resolution of software defects by eliminating guesswork and obtaining an exact replay of the event that led to the software failure.

Support compliance and security

By recording a software failure - whether in test or in production - you have a 100% reproducible test case.

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