Make software errors 100% reproducible with time travel debugging

Ship applications faster with fewer errors

LiveRecorder brings time travel debugging to CI, enabling developers to easily and quickly diagnose the root cause of new regressions, legacy issues, and flaky tests.

▪️ Ensure software quality - fix errors before they hit customers
▪️ Improve developer productivity by accelerating root cause analysis
▪️ Get software releases out on time

Concurrency bugs

Record. Replay. Resolve.

Record application failures in CI / Automated Tests
Replay the recording to get full visibility into what your application did and why
Resolve issues fast

Ideal for quickly fixing:
▪️ Concurrency issues e.g. ConcurrencyModificationException
▪️ Uncaught exceptions
▪️ Data structure corruptions
▪️ Logic errors
▪️ Communication / protocol errors

100% failure reproducibility

Take the guesswork out of debugging

▪️ Get answers not alerts - recordings provide complete failure insight data for developers to rapidly diagnose the root cause of errors with 100% certainty

▪️ Capture intermittent failures - make intermittent failures 100% reproducible

▪️ Microservice interaction - explore the behavior of and communication between microservices

▪️ Save time and effort - no need to reproduce the issue or recreate the environment

▪️ Shift-left testing - shareable recordings that enable collaborative error resolution across development, QA and staging

▪️ Code-level observability - replay and analyze application execution history to understand unintended code behavior

▪️ Enhanced understandability - learn and understand codebases you didn’t write

Time travel debugging

Travel backward in time (and forward again) to inspect the program state.

LiveRecorder for Java adds additional controls to enable developers to reverse step out, reverse step into and reverse step over.

The full power of a modern debugger with variable and memory inspection, scripting, conditional breakpoints and watchpoints, all available in forward and reverse directions.

LiveRecorder integrates into CI pipelines managed with Jenkins, TeamCity, CircleCI and others

CI/CD - Test Automation

Accelerate the debugging and resolution of test failures by integrating LiveRecorder into your CI system.

▪️ Automate the recording of failing tests
▪️ Systematic capture of intermittent failures
▪️ Shareable recordings - no more “I couldn’t reproduce that on my machine”
▪️ Debug the recording in your IDE
▪️ Integrates with all popular build automation tools

IntelliJ IDEA logo - LiveRecorder for IntelliJ

LiveRecorder works where you work

Record in Test/QA. Replay and diagnose in your IDE.

LiveRecorder brings powerful advanced time travel debugging capabilities to IntelliJ IDEA on Windows, macOS and Linux. (in both the Ultimate and Community Editions)

Dive into the technical documentation at

Time travel debugging for teams

LiveRecorder enables software teams to create better software faster.

Fix errors faster without having to search through logs, dive into APM or other tools created for other teams and other purposes. Skip past painstaking guesswork of traditional log-based debugging.
Tester - QA
Go one better than a test failure bug report. Attach a recording to your ticket containing all of the failure data needed for the developer to reproduce and fix the bug.
Boost developer productivity by providing your team with a solution that automates the capture of errors and their root causes, with 100% certainty.

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