LiveRecorder for Java
LiveRecorder for Java

Fastest way to debug Java applications

LiveRecorder for Java will slash your MTTR so you can:

▪️ resolve defects faster
▪️ accelerate software delivery
▪️ realize productivity savings

Debugging Java redefined

LiveRecorder, the leading Software Failure Replay platform, is now available for debugging Java applications.

LiveRecorder enables developers to record, replay & reverse debug Java application execution running on Linux.

Record - software errors
Replay - debug the recording
Resolve - failures fast

LiveRecorder for Java recording file

Automatic reproduction of failure

Capture software application failures in a recording.

Recordings reproduce every failure with 100% certainty (including intermittent & non-deterministic). They are self-contained, portable and actionable.

Simply debug the recording.

Get answers not alerts

Leave simple stack traces behind.

Recordings contain all of the detailed failure insight data that developers need to find the root cause of any error.

Move quickly from investigation to action.

Work backwards

Replay the recording to understand exactly what went wrong and why.

Travel backwards in time (and forwards again) to inspect the program state. LiveRecorder for Java adds additional controls to enable developers to reverse step out, reverse step into and reverse step over.

Rewind through the program execution to rapidly identify the root cause of any bug.

Speed up time to resolution of software defects by 10x

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LiveRecorder works where you work

The LiveRecorder replayer brings powerful advanced reverse debugging capabilities to IntelliJ IDEA and integrates with popular build automation tools.

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LiveRecorder for Java

What's New - LiveRecorder for Java

Latest release: LiveRecorder 6.2

Our latest release LiveRecorder 6.2 - codenamed Stichelton (Dec 2020) delivers:

support for time travel/ reverse debugging of live applications

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LiveRecorder ROI Calculator

LiveRecorder users are able to dramatically reduce their Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) of software defects - resulting in substantial cost savings. Find out what productivity savings your development team could achieve.