Reduce time to resolution of software defects

Undo enables resolution of the most challenging software defects, and accelerates resolution of all software defects.

Eliminate guesswork and get smart about software defect diagnosis
Obtain reliable data to diagnose issues faster
Speed up time-to-resolution and keep your customers happy

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Failure reproducibility
Get to the root cause of software defects with 100% certainty
Faster Time-To-Resolution
Solve challenging software defects 10x faster than with traditional methods
6 months
ROI in 6 - 9 months
Undo's technology found to pay for itself in the above time frame when deployed on mission critical systems

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Live Recorder

Record and replay the execution of your Linux program

Live Recorder records non-deterministic data and recomputes deterministic data on-the-fly. With it, you can recreate your application’s entire memory and register state on demand, at any point in its execution.

Speed up time to resolution of software defects by 10x

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