Record. Replay. Resolve.

Our products enable developers to accelerate the resolution of all software defects in test or in production using time travel debugging.

UDB Time Travel Debugger for developers
LiveRecorder C/C++ for teams
LiveRecorder for Java for teams

Eliminate time spent on reproducing errors
Leave imprecise caveman debugging techniques behind
Speed up root cause detection
Minimize customer disruption

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UDB inspect variable state
For Developers: UDB

UDB - debugger for C/C++

Find and fix bugs in minutes with time travel debugging.

UDB is the leading time travel debugger for Linux C/C++ applications.

LiveRecorder for Java recording file
For Teams: LiveRecorder C/C++

Fix bugs faster in development, test and production

Resolve complex software defects in development or in production up to 10x faster.

Record - the failed process
Replay - debug the recording
Resolve - failures fast

For Teams: LiveRecorder for Java

The solution for failing tests

LiveRecorder is the leading enterprise-grade platform for debugging Java applications (running on Linux) in development.

Ensure product quality/stability
Accelerate product delivery
Boost developer productivity

Speed up time to resolution of software defects by 10x

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