Our products help you to
fix the unfixable bugs

See any value in your program's memory, or registers for any instruction in its execution history

Our technology explained

Fix unfixable bugs during development, in test and in production

We help our customers focus on the things that matter by reducing the time, pain and effort involved in building the world’s most complex software.

Live Recorder for Automated Test

Identify, diagnose and respond to the failures exposed by your test suites including continuous integration. Capture an exact recording of what your failed test did at every step in its execution and make the recording available to your developers for analysis using our interactive reversible debugger.

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Live Recorder for Production

Identify, diagnose and respond to failures that appear in your production software. Capture an exact recording of the failure and debug the problem in the field or back at base using our interactive reversible debugger.

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Incorporate the full functionality of a conventional debugger (such as scripting, conditional breakpoints and watchpoints, full inspection of globals and locals) and use these features with the program running in reverse as well as conventionally. Understand precisely what your program did and take much of the guesswork out of debugging.

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