New Research: The Cost of Poor Software Quality in the US (2022 Report)

The Consortium for Information & Software Quality (CISQ) published its latest report on what poor software quality really costs. It is estimated that software quality issues may have cost the U.S. economy $2.41 trillion in 2022.

The report was produced by the Consortium for Information & Software Quality (CISQ), an organization developing international standards to automate software quality measurement and promoting the development and maintenance of secure, reliable, and trustworthy software.

The 3 main problem areas that CISQ focused on in this year’s report are:

  • Cybercrime losses due to existing software vulnerabilities jumped way up.
  • Software supply chain problems with underlying 3rd party components (especially Open Source Software, aka OSS) have risen significantly.
  • The growing impact of technical debt has become the biggest obstacle to making any changes to existing code bases.

The report cover the growing costs of cybersecurity failures, operational software failures, and software technical debt... and puts some solutions on the table.

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