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Accelerate time to market with LiveRecorder

Building fail-proof mission-critical systems - on time and on budget - brings challenges.

LiveRecorder's time travel debugging platform can help you to:

  • accelerate root cause analysis of test failures, including flaky tests 
  • ensure software resilience and robustness according to strict standards
  • deliver high-profile projects on time; mitigate against the risk of project cancellation and SLA penalties 

Industry challenges

Whether you're working on data analytics systems to process satellite or surveillance data, telecommunication networks, or threat-warning systems, there's not much room for error.

When defects crop up, development is blocked and releases can't go live. Failing tests must be resolved. But the inability to reproduce defects can be a big issue. And often test rigs sit in a secured environment; so engineers will not discover until the next morning that their tests failed 10 minutes after they left the building. Hugely frustrating and a serious waste of time.

Worse still, when problems arise, engineers can easily spend 100% of their time on root cause analysis - which can slow the whole project down and pause risks to schedules.

The solution

Build reliable systems at velocity with time travel debugging

Time travel debugging offers a strategic capability for accelerating product delivery, by eliminating the guesswork in defect root cause analysis.

LiveRecorder is the leading time travel debugging platform for C/C++ and Java applications

Integrated into automated testing and a CI/CD workflow, LiveRecorder enables test failures to be resolved faster. This includes flaky tests caused by intermittent failures, which are so often responsible for delaying release schedules.

- Get 100% visibility into what the program did and why
- Use a systematic repeatable debugging workflow
- Make bug fixing predictable

How it works

Record. Replay. Resolve.

Traditional methods of software debugging rely on the ability to reproduce software failures, which can be costly and take huge amounts of time.

- Don't waste time trying to reproduce a bug; simply record the failed process down to instruction level (capturing bugs in the act)
- Get an exact copy of what the failed process did, at any point in the program's execution
- All events, interrupts, memory allocation, changes to disk contents, user inputs, and device outputs are added to the recording

A recording provides engineers with a carbon copy of what happened without them having to spend time reproducing the problem. Engineers can efficiently zero-in on the problem bug using LiveRecorder's reverse-debugging capability.

Key Benefits

Build reliable and robust software at pace

Deliver quality software

Deliver resilient and robust software that can confidently be deployed in the field

Innovate faster

Accelerate software defect root cause detection, shorten development cycle time, and deliver your project on time

Increase engineering efficiencies

Reduce engineering costs through operational efficiencies and flawless program execution

On demand webinar

Aerospace TechWeek webinar

To learn more, and see time travel debugging in action, check out this on-demand webinar hosted by Aerospace TechWeek.

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