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Advanced software failure diagnosis for mission-critical systems

Deliver reliable systems and innovation at velocity with LiveRecorder.

Building mission critical systems that cannot fail comes with its challenges. Thankfully, LiveRecorder's software failure replay technology can help you:

  1. Resolve software defects faster
  2. Unblock development pipelines
  3. Deliver innovation at velocity
  4. Improve software reliability
  5. Drive engineering efficiencies and cost-savings

Industry Challenges

There's no room for error when building imaging sensors, drones, or satellite systems. The backend software systems on which these types of devices rely on have got to work - first time, every time. 

When software defects crop up, development is blocked and releases can't go live. Failing tests must be resolved - as any of them could turn into ticking time bombs in the field. But debugging is time-consuming: it slows engineers down and prevents them from delivering new features or the next software update faster.

Equally, it is imperative that data processing within complex software test environments is accurate. And when problems arise, it takes time to resolve those issues.

The solution


Building a reliable system at pace is critical in this industry.

LiveRecorder is the software failure replay system that reduces time to resolution of software bugs by eliminating the guesswork in defect diagnosis.

With LiveRecorder, software engineers no longer need to waste time trying to reproduce a bug. They just record the failed process down to instruction level (capturing bugs in the act) and get an exact copy of what the failed process did at any point in time. The result is a 100% standalone reproducible test case.

How it works

Record Replay Resolve

Traditional methods of software debugging rely on the ability to reproduce software failures, which can be costly and take huge amounts of time. LiveRecorder simply records ‘what happened’.

All events, interrupts, memory allocation, changes to disk contents, user inputs, and device output are added to the recording. A recording provides a carbon copy of what occurred - no need to spend time reproducing the problem! With the recording, system engineers can efficiently zero-in on the problem bug using LiveRecorder's reversible debugging capability.

Key Benefits

Build reliable software at pace

Build reliable software

Resolve all software defects and build reliable software that can be confidently be deployed in the field.

Innovate faster

Accelerate software defect resolution and deliver innovation at pace.

Boost engineering productivity

Cut down MTTR of software defects and increase debugging productivity

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