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Live Recorder for Production

Records all or part of the execution of your product for subsequent analysis. Analyse the recording in the field or back at base using our interactive time travel debugger for Linux, UndoDB.

Fix your unfixable bugs

Live Recorder Production allows Linux C/C++ developers on x86 and ARM to identify, diagnose and respond to failures that appear in your production software. Capture an exact recording of the failure and debug the problem in the field or back at base using our interactive reversible debugger, UndoDB.

What Live Recorder for Production can do for you

Limit the impact of unfixable bugs on your users and business - Resolve customer issues quickly - Protect your customer’s IP by quickly resolving issues on site

How Live Recorder for Production works

Embed Live Recorder in your product or run your production code under the standalone Live Recorder executable to record failures in real-time.

Live Recorder for Automated Test seamless integration

Seamless integration

Run your program under the standalone Live Recorder executable or embed Live Recorder in your product.

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Trusted by world-leaders

Runtime Design Automation Logo
Live Recorder provides a unique solution to record and replay code execution that enhances our ability to quickly and effectively troubleshoot complex problems relating to customer environments and third party tool integration.
John Correia
VP Engineering, Runtime Design Automation
We switched to an Undo session and were able to run in reverse to locate the root cause of an intermittent issue in a matter of a few hours. Undo enabled us to resolve this issue and quickly provide a fix for our customer.
Jonathan DeKock
Senior Software Architect, Cadence Design Systems

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Reduce turnaround time between customers reporting bugs and fixes being released using record, rewind and replay.

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