Setting up UndoDB within DDD

UndoDB is the first reversible debugger for Linux fast enough, and with memory consumption low enough, to be used on complex code. In this screencast, we are going to show you how to set up UndoDB from within DDD.

To run UndoDB from within DDD, we simply need to start the DDD executable with the - - debugger parameter.

In our example, we will write

ddd --debugger undodb-gdb a.out

then the name of the program. Hit enter. As when using UndoDB from the command line, you can set a breakpoint. As we can see here, it is UndoDB that is running within the DDD front end. Unfortunately, there is no support for reversible buttons in DDD. However, we can still use the the usual forward buttons available in DDD.

So let’s run the program.

To use UndoDB’s backward capabilities, type the undodb commands into the GDB console section of the DDD window. For example:


It has taken less than a minute to set up UndoDB to run from within DDD. To see how to set up UndoDB within Emacs and Eclipse, please see our other screencasts, or watch an example debugging session with UndoDB.