Software flight recording technology

Transforming software failure diagnosis from intuition-driven to data-driven:

Eliminate guesswork and get smart about software defect diagnosis
Obtain reliable data to diagnose issues faster
Speed up time-to-resolution and keep your customers happy

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Failure reproducibility
Get to the root cause of software defects with 100% certainty
Faster Time-To-Resolution
Solve challenging software defects 10x faster than with traditional methods
6 months
ROI in 6 - 9 months
Undo's technology found to pay for itself in the above time frame when deployed on mission critical systems
Software flight recording explained

Data-driven diagnosis and debugging

As systems are becoming more and more complex, troubleshooting is not getting any easier - so we have to become more data-driven.

Reproducibility is the fundamental challenge in current application debugging/resolution technique. If you have a recording, you have got 100% reproducibility. With a recording, you don’t need details on the original environment and you no longer need to recreate the problem.


Get smart about software failure diagnosis

Accelerate failure diagnosis
Identify software defects without having to reproduce the entire system environment.
Track down impossible defects
Capture the most challenging software defects - even the sporadic non-deterministic failures no-one can get to the bottom of.
Turn your tests green
Realise your CI investment by turning your tests green and keeping them green.
Deliver a better customer experience
Get your in-production troubleshooting under control and give a good impression.
Protect your bottom line
Safeguard your customer relationships, retain your key customers and protect revenue.
Boost engineering productivity
Unblock development pipeline and reduce the overhead in debugging and software diagnostic.

Reproduce the most challenging software defects that cannot be tracked down any other way

Live Recorder in action

Live Recorder can be used across all phases of the development life-cycle.

Competitor Comparison

Live Recorder vs traditional software reliability solutions

Static and dynamic analysis tools only find problems they were programmed to seek out and highlight too many false positives. And unlike traditional, manual debugging which is based on guesswork, Live Recorder gives you data-driven insight into what your software really did before it failed. Live Recorder can capture intermittent, non-deterministic failures which cannot be tracked down in any other way.

Live Recorder
Logging, dumps, printf
Static & dynamic analysis
Reproduce every failure with 100% certainty (including intermittent & non-deterministic)
Collect failure data from customers with minimal disruption
Analyze every possible cause of failure
Remove false positives causes

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Live Recorder enables software reliability solutions across all phases of the software lifecycle. Record and replay program execution to quickly diagnose severe software failures in test or in production.


Undo helps the largest software companies resolve their most challenging software defects

Developing complex mission-critical applications? Resolving intermittent, non-deterministic software failures in these types of environments can be a real challenge. Learn how Undo’s software flight technology can help you.

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