Why Debugging Doesn’t Need to Be So Complex or Outdated

Why Debugging Doesn’t Need to Be So Complex or Outdated

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Java Champion and Spring Developer Advocate, Josh Long discusses the current challenges that face developers debugging complex Java applications and the latest technology out there that can help them.

In this environment, developers are no longer able to see the forest for the trees. The most common refrain I get is, “how can I better support debugging?” Developers are persuaded by the benefits, but can’t figure out how to get started. There’s no clarity around the debugging workflow. Of course, you can still put breakpoints in the pipeline, but it’s a little more involved.

If you understand what’s going on under the hood, debugging is second nature

I predict that we will see many more companies begin to adopt solutions that provide live Software Failure Replay technology. This world isn’t slowing down — it’s only speeding up — and there simply aren’t enough superhuman developers in the world to keep up. Without the ability to see the entire execution in development and production, software failures or failures-in-the-making will only pile up.

Josh Long Developer Advocate at VMWare
Josh Long – Java Champion and Spring Developer Advocate
Spring Developer Advocate (JC & Kotlin GDE) @VMwareTanzu

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