Undo Releases 30-Day Free Trial of Time Travel Debugging software

Undo Releases 30-Day Free Trial of Time Travel Debugging software

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UDB allows developers to get to the root cause of bugs in minutes and with 100% certainty

SAN FRANCISCO, September 15, 2020 – Undo, the leading Software Failure Replay (SFR) platform provider, today announced the release of UDB, a time travel debugger for reverse debugging Linux C/C++ applications. The new debugging software comes with a 30-day free trial evaluation of the product that includes full access to features and functionality.

Formerly known as UndoDB, UDB delivers an entirely different workflow from traditional debugging by allowing software developers to simplify the process. This includes the ability to deterministically replay your program’s execution history and actual behavior in order to get to the root cause of bugs in minutes with 100% certainty. As well as debugging, developers can also use UDB to understand codebases they didn’t write by simply time-traveling backward to find the answers.

“Traditional tools and methods for debugging were designed in the ‘70s and have remained fundamentally unchanged since then,” said Greg Law, Undo co-founder, and CTO. “With UDB we are upending a decades-long paradigm of trial-and-error while giving engineers all the data they need in one loop by enabling time travel through a live process, the ability to step forwards and backwards through code execution, and a view into exactly what the program was doing just before it crashed or behaved unexpectedly.”

Reverse debugging, the ability to replay code execution forwards or backwards, enables developers to replay a program’s entire execution history, taking single steps through each line of code. They can also rerun the code forwards and backwards to enable faster defect diagnosis. Developers can also hit breakpoints, conditional breakpoints, and watchpoints while running forwards and backwards.

Additional UDB Features Include: 

  • Jump to a bookmark in your program’s execution history
  • Jump to a specific moment in time in your program’s execution
  • Full inspection of global and local variable values
  • Full compatibility with GDB commands
  • IDE support

UDB brings advanced reverse debugging capabilities to CLion, Eclipse and Emacs. To learn more about UDB and sign up for a 30-day trial, visit https://undo.io/udb-free-trial.

About Undo

Undo is the leading Software Failure Replay (SFR) platform provider for engineering teams building complex systems. Their core platforms and products are used to reproduce and fix software bugs faster, accelerate software delivery, and reduce engineering costs. With offices in Cambridge, UK, and San Francisco, CA, Undo’s products are used by thousands of software engineers across leading technology companies including SAP, Juniper, Cadence Design Systems, Micro Focus, and Mentor.

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