Undo enables full Java app failure playback with LiveRecorder

Undo enables full Java app failure playback with LiveRecorder

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Moving from root cause should be like watching a television show backward. Undo just made it so for Java.

Of all the scientific tools available to programmers today, one process that hasn’t changed much is the break/fix cycle. Someone finds a bug, documents how to reproduce it, and sends it back to a programmer who tries to recreate the scenario.

Barry Morris, CEO of Undo, compares it to the aviation industry, where an airplane crash includes a “black box” flight recorder. That flight recorder includes information on the velocity, vertical speed, and if there was a problem with an engine. In software, we are lucky to be able to pull a little information from the logs.

As Morris puts it, “If a self-driving car drives into a tree, you don’t know why. The best practice is to find the smartest people and try to reproduce it. In effect, we get a bunch of self-driving cars and a bunch of trees and smash them together and hope we can figure something out.”

While some software includes telemetry, for the most part, most debugging adventures really do go something like that.

If you use Linux and run on the Java virtual machine, all that may be changing for you.

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