The interactive reversible debugger for C/C++ on Linux and Android.

Travel backwards (and forwards) in time to fix failures fast.

UndoDB is the interactive reversible debugger for C/C++ on Linux and Android that works on any user-mode compiled code, on x86 and ARM. It incorporates the full functionality expected of modern debuggers (such as scripting, conditional breakpoints and watchpoints, full inspection of globals and locals) and also allows these features to be used with the program running in reverse

How UndoDB works

UndoDB can be used as a standalone debugger or can integrate with your preferred debugger, such as GDB.

What UndoDB can do for you

If you are a developer writing and debugging compiled code, UndoDB will help you cut down your debugging time and enhance software quality.

Seamless integration

Whatever your development environment, our products will integrate seamlessly.

Trusted by world-leaders

The Undo debugger leads our software engineers to the root cause of complicated bugs in a fraction of the time that would have been spent without Undo's reverse debugging feature. This benefits our customers who receive fixes more rapidly. It works seamlessly with our existing GDB flows. Undo's training and technical support has been excellent.
Jim Foley
R&D Director, Real Intent
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The UndoDB product can make a significant difference and I'm delighted it is now available to ARM software developers, both as a part of DS-5 or standalone from Undo.
Hobson Bullman
General Manager, System Design Division


Recovering from stack-corruption

Understand how reversible debugging makes recovering from stack corruption easy.

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What is reversible debugging?

Everything you need to know about reversible debugging and why you should use it.

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Using UndoDB in your preferred IDE

See how easy it is to use UndoDB within Eclipse, Emacs, CLion and other IDEs.

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