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Live Recorder for Production

Resolve customer issues fast by speeding up software failure diagnostic with software flight recording technology

Record & replay program execution in production 

When a production failure happens, is your engineering team left guessing with unhelpful log files and core dumps, leaving clients irate whilst they are waiting for a vital fix?

With Undo's software flight recording capability, you can stop software failures causing havoc in production.

  • Record the program execution of your Linux C/C++ application as it fails and capture an exact replica of the failure
  • Debug the problem in the field or back at base with Live Recorder's integrated reversible debugger 
  • Deterministic replay of your software's execution in production: record once, replay as many times as you like

What Live Recorder for Production can do for you

Data-driven approach to software defect diagnostic with software flight recording technology

Quickly resolve customer-critical issues
Provide your engineers full access to the failure data they need to reliably fix complex issues in constrained environments.
Minimize customer disruption
Get your software back on its feet faster and protect your customer relationships and bottom line.
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Manage risks - develop a response plan to production failures
Anticipate how you will handle crashes or inconsistent behaviors in production and reassure your clients you have the problem in hand.

Trusted by world-leading organizations

How Live Recorder for Production works

Record and replay your Linux program's execution in production. Capture the failure in a recording once, and remove the need to reproduce it ever again. Analyze on or off site using Undo's reverse-debugging functionality.


Seamless integration

Run your program under the standalone Live Recorder executable or embed Live Recorder in your product. Replay is enabled by Live Recorder's integrated reverse-debugger for Linux, UndoDB. No matter your set-up, we help you integrate our tools.

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Trusted by world-leaders

Cadence Logo
Quality is a non-negotiable aspect of our software development. When we do encounter bugs we need to resolve them as quickly as possible. Recently we had an intermittent issue and were unable to resolve it using traditional debugging techniques. We switched to an Undo session and we were able to run in reverse to locate the root cause in a matter of a few hours. Undo enabled us to resolve this issue and quickly provide a fix for our customer.
Jonathan DeKock
Senior Software Architect, Cadence Design Systems
Runtime Design Automation Logo
Live Recorder provides a unique solution to record and replay code execution that enhances our ability to quickly and effectively troubleshoot complex problems relating to customer environments and third party tool integration.
John Correia
VP Engineering, Runtime Design Automation

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