Undo’s Software Flight Recording Technology is Now Available for Go Programming Language

Undo’s Software Flight Recording Technology is Now Available for Go Programming Language

Undo Press Release - Beenleigh, Golang

Company also further enhances its capabilities to solve the costly problem of reproducing and debugging non-deterministic defects in complex multi-process applications for all clients.

Undo – the leader in software reliability solutions based on software flight recorder technology – today announced the immediate availability of LiveRecorder 5.1, an updated version of its flagship product that now offers the ability to record the execution of applications written in Go. Codenamed Beenleigh, this update brings huge changes to the market by further enabling software engineering teams to accelerate software defect resolution, even for the most complex application architectures.

Per Andersson, Chief Architect at Kaloom explains:

“At Kaloom, we are developing game-changing solutions for next-generation data center networking, including the world’s first Software Defined Fabric, and we use Go extensively.

Undo has provided us with early access to the Go capability in LiveRecorder and we are excited about the unique opportunity to capture software defects in the act, to enable our test suites to go green and stay green, and to resolve production failures faster. These abilities help accelerate the delivery of our solutions at velocity, getting new products and features to market faster.”

With the release of Beenleigh, LiveRecorder can now record the execution history of applications written in Go and capture software failures in the act – thereby eliminating the guesswork in software defect diagnosis. Software engineers speed up defect diagnosis by loading the recording of the failure in their usual GoLand IDE and Delve debuggers to step through the recording forwards and backwards using LiveRecorder’s reverse-debugging capability.

Undo CTO Greg Law said:

“The Go programming language has seen its market share double in the past two years – with modern SaaS companies like Uber, Google and Twitch taking up Go as their development language of choice for mission-critical applications. However, the software engineering ecosystem for Go has not kept pace. Beenleigh changes this by giving Go developers a new and better way to reproduce, diagnose and resolve defects that they could not do before with traditional methods and tooling.”

Beenleigh also enhances the Multi-Process Correlation of Shared Memory capability with Fast Switch support where multiple recordings can be loaded in the same debugging session and engineers can jump from one process to another without losing their place in the previous recording file. This helps developers to dramatically reduce the time spent on diagnosing defects in complex multi-process programs.

Undo is trusted by some of the world’s largest technology companies, including SAP, IBM, Cadence Design Systems, Micro Focus and Mentor (a Siemens business), and gives companies 100% certainty about the factors that led to any software failure, even in the most complex software environments.

About Undo
Undo is the leader in software reliability solutions to accelerate defect resolution across all phases of the software development lifecycle with absolute certainty. Built for mission-critical software, Undo is trusted by the world’s largest technology companies to quickly resolve issues in complex applications. Undo’s LiveRecorder enables engineering teams to eliminate the guesswork in software defect diagnosis, no matter how complex, to fix the root cause of any issue in test or production. With offices in Cambridge, UK and San Francisco, CA, Undo’s solutions are used by thousands of software engineers across leading technology companies including SAP, IBM, Cadence Design Systems, Micro Focus and Mentor (a Siemens business).

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