ACCU 2016: become a GDB power user

ACCU 2016: become a GDB power user

Undo was excited to be the main sponsor of ACCU 2016, the conference for ‘real’ developers. Undo co-founder and CEO, Greg Law, shows how to get the most out of GDB.

If you’re writing C++ for anything other than Windows, chances are that you occasionally break out GDB. This session presents some of the lesser known features of GDB that can change the way you debug. GDB has come a long way in the last few years and does so much more than break, print, step and continue. Reversible debugging; Non-Stop Mode; Multi-process Debugging; and Dynamic Printf are but some of its best features, and its built-in Python scripting is particularly powerful.

This presentation will take you through a series of demos to show some amazing tricks with GDB, and powerful new (and not-so-new) features that you may not have heard of.

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