Go Green, Stay Green

Go Green, Stay Green

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“Continuous Integration offers such radical gains in both productivity and quality that those who do not embrace if fully are doomed ultimately to fail.”

That’s the opening line from Undo’s latest eBook, and while it may sound hyperbolic to you, if you begin to unpack exactly what the benefits of a fully functional CI process entail, it starts to sound much more reasonable.

As software becomes more complex and pervasive, paired with the need to stay competitive by cutting down development cycles, the room for error or downtime as a result of failed tests is becoming increasingly scarce – thus the benefits of going green, and staying green, are huge.

Traditional static and dynamic analysis tools are still very effective at finding errors that are more common such as buffer overruns, off-by-one errors, resource leaks, deadlocks and race conditions. These are still great for locating a large portion of programming errors and should be integrated into best-in-class CI pipelines.

However, there are a growing number of failures that are not covered by static and dynamic analysis. These defects tend to be the ones that are more difficult to identify and time consuming – if even possible – to track down. In essence, these are the rising class of failures that are the bane of CI.

To address this growing wave of software failures plaguing CI processes, we wrote an eBook examining the best practices and state-of-the-art technologies helping leading software organizations spend less time finding bugs, and more time creating world-class software for their customers.

In it, we examine the industry leaders across static and dynamic analysis, as well as the visionaries pioneering new software flight recording technologies that enable teams to capture intermittent failures in the act, as they happen.

To learn more, please download our latest eBook, Go Green, Stay Green.

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