An introduction to LiveRecorder

An introduction to LiveRecorder

How many failing tests and customer issues do you wish you had an answer for? Wouldn’t you like to fix them instead of just ignoring them, hoping that they’ll go away?

Undo’s LiveRecorder lets you see exactly what your software did, enabling Linux programs to make a detailed recording of themselves so you have a complete record of your program’s execution in production.

Here’s how it works:

Activate the recording to record sections of your software or the whole program, and send the recording file to your development team for analysis. Then load the recording into the UndoDB debugger to precisely reconstruct the program’s original behaviour, and step backwards as well as forwards in the code to find the root cause of the bug.

LiveRecorder gives you the ability to significantly improve the quality of your software during development and even after it’s been released:

1. Integrate LiveRecorder in your continuous integration environment to fix failing tests quickly

2. Embed LiveRecorder in your product so that your customer can return an exact copy of the failure as it appeared on the customer machine.

3. LiveRecorder can also be used to debug your containers and cloud applications offline.

LiveRecorder: helping you to know exactly what your software did, so that you can:

– increase developer productivity
– respond quickly to failures in production and test environments
– and improve the quality of your software.

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