What’s new in LiveRecorder 6.0

What’s new in LiveRecorder 6.0

LIveRecorder 6.0 release is codenamed PiaveWhat’s new in LiveRecorder 6.0

Announcing LiveRecorder 6.0 for C/ C++/ Go, codenamed Piave.

These last few months, we’ve been busy working hard on core product improvements for a better customer experience; today we are excited to share those with you.

What’s new in Piave

  • LiveRecorder is twice as fast!
  • Enhanced portable recordings

The fastest LiveRecorder yet

We’re delighted to announce that LiveRecorder for (C/ C++/ Go) is now twice as fast as it was just over a year ago when we released LiveRecorder v5.0.

Everything we do here at Undo is wrapped in our obsession to continuously improve our products and performance is improving with every release.

Performance jumps

The core Undo Engine runs 25%-100% faster on diverse workloads compared to v5.0
Shared memory slow paths have been removed, resulting in dramatic increases in speed.

We’ve taken performance efficiency one step further and delivered faster system calls and signal handling. These improvements combined result in our Software Failure Replay platform performing up to 2 times faster than ever before. As a result, this will enable:

  • issues to be reproduced more easily and faster
  • engineers to avoid expensive context switching
  • the use of fewer compute resources
  • our customers to deliver software fixes faster

Portable Recordings

A defining feature of LiveRecorder is that once a recording of software failure has been generated, it is replayable on another machine. However, due to different x86 CPUs having different levels of feature support, sometimes, it was not always possible to record a process on one machine and to replay it on another.

We’ve made a number of improvements that extend the portability of LiveRecorder recordings, making them more replayable and shareable than ever before. Improvements to the portability of recordings has been extended in the following areas:

  1. Version compatibility – The beating heart of our technology, the Undo Engine provides extensive backwards compatibility. LiveRecorder recordings made by an older version of the Undo Engine on a Linux distribution are now replayable by the same or a later version of the Undo Engine on a Linux distribution.
  2. Cross-distribution compatibility – Recordings made on a supported Linux distribution are replayable on any other supported Linux distribution.
  3. Containers and Virtual Machines – Recordings made within a container or VM are replayable on a physical machine and vice versa.
  4. Microarchitecture compatibility – Recordings made by version 6.0 or later of the Undo Engine on one CPU are replayable on any other CPU that has the same or has a superset of the instruction set extensions that are present on the CPU on which the recording was made.

LiveRecorder 6 is the fastest to date. Our passionate team of engineers have pushed the boundaries of performance and capability to meet and exceed the expectations of the most discerning LiveRecorder customers. Mic drop.

For more technical information about our Piave release, take a look at our technical documentation.

We ❤️ cheese. If you want to find out more about Piave cheese, the inspiration for this release, here’s what Wikipedia says.

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