UndoDB reversible debugging tool for Linux and Android

UndoDB reversible debugging tool for Linux and Android

To keep your customers happy, you need to find and fix software bugs fast.

UndoDB lets you track down bugs in C and C++ code in Linux and Android in record time. By recording the whole program state, UndoDB lets you rewind and replay your code forwards and back to pinpoint the source of the crash. Here’s how it works.

As you play forwards in your code you can watch the variables changing as you would expect, but at any point you want, you can also run backwards through the program state to the preceding line, into the preceding function, or to the last time a variable was changed, returning your global and local variables to preceding states as you go, so you can find and fix critical bugs in minutes instead of weeks and keep your customers happy.

UndoDB works from the command line and integrates seamlessly with EMACS, DDD and Eclipse. Download your evaluation license now.

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