SAP selects Undo’s software recording technology to ensure software quality for SAP HANA platform

SAP selects Undo’s software recording technology to ensure software quality for SAP HANA platform

Cambridge, UK – SAP SE, the leading enterprise software company, today announced that it is furthering its commitment to software quality by integrating Undo’s record, rewind and replay technology into its automated testing environment for SAP HANA. The integration with Undo’s LiveRecorder allows the HANA group to record exact copies of issues that appear during the extreme stress testing to which SAP routinely subjects the HANA code as one of many performance and quality checks that are part of their continuous integration pipeline. These recordings can then be used to resolve issues far more quickly and easily than previously, further boosting stability and code quality to the underlying HANA database.

The SAP HANA product is very feature rich and includes millions of lines of code. The product is managed by several hundred developers across the world for whom finding and fixing errors quickly and efficiently is key. Undo is a recognised leader in software debugging and its suite of innovative software quality tools give developers precise visibility into exactly what their code did before it misbehaved or failed.

Undo’s integration with the HANA continuous integration pipeline is the first time Undo’s technology has been deployed to optimise testing within large complex databases. The announcement comes on the heels of the company securing series A financing to enhance the development of its core technology, with the company recently announcing solutions for the wider Jenkins community.

Greg Law, co-founder and CEO of Undo said,

As companies like SAP move their products to the cloud, improving software quality and reducing time to fix issues that occur becomes business-critical. SAP’s decision to use LiveRecorder is a great example of how software quality can help large enterprise software companies maintain a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. LiveRecorder dramatically improves traditional testing methods by helping developers find defects as the software is being written. We are committed to helping customers like SAP optimise their testing process, helping them to produce better quality code faster, improving productivity and collaboration between development and QA teams.

Undo’s award-winning LiveRecorder can record all or part of a Linux or Android program’s execution for subsequent replay and analysis. It captures an exact recording of why a test failed, allowing developers to go back in time to any instruction in the program’s history and view any location in memory. Recordings can be analysed on a different machine to the one on which the error occurred, making triage and analysis of failures much quicker, easier and more effective.

About Undo

Undo’s products are used by thousands of developers to solve complex, real-world problems for leading technology companies, from embedded to enterprise and High Performance Computing to banking. Its unique record, rewind and replay technology enables Linux and Android developers to see exactly what their program did at every step in its execution, and its reversible debugging and recording technology allow problems to be fixed quickly and easily. Developers can now respond quickly to failures in production and test environments, increase their development productivity by at least 25% and improve software quality. Undo is a privately held company headquartered in Cambridge, UK. For more information, see or follow us on Twitter at

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