TestPlant and Undo partner to deliver superior continuous integration testing

TestPlant and Undo partner to deliver superior continuous integration testing

Technology integration enhances the collaboration between development and test

London, UK – August 17, 2016TestPlant, the maker of the eggPlant range of software quality tools, today announced a technology partnership with Undo. The partnership will see TestPlant’s flagship test automation tool, eggPlant Functional, integrated with Undo’s record, rewind and replay technology, allowing developers to identify, diagnose and respond to the failures that continuous integration misses.

Continuous integration makes regressions easier to fix by notifying developers that their test has failed but finding the failure’s origin isn’t always a simple process. Undo enables Linux and Android developers to see exactly what their program did at every step in its execution so that developers can respond quickly to failures in continuous integration environments, increase their debugging productivity and improve software quality.

eggPlant Functional helps companies test their applications better, faster, and with less effort by automating the execution of functional testing. When integrated with Undo’s latest product, LiveRecorder, eggPlant users can generate complete records of their program’s execution in a highly optimized way, capturing failures in their entirety but with minimum resource usage. These recordings can then be debugged offline and shared among developers who can collaborate on resolving the most pressing software issues.

Greg Law, CEO and co-founder of Undo said,

When a test fails, our technology captures an exact replica of the failure as it occurred and automatically sends that recording to the development team for analysis. This cuts out the effort involved in thinking about where an error lies, permits QA and engineering to communicate clearly as the recording captures all the information necessary to fix the problem, and reduces the time, stress and cost associated with finding and fixing bugs.

Ideally suited to continuous integration environments and companies undertaking digital transformation projects, eggPlant Functional uses a patented image-based approach to GUI testing that allows it to interact with any device by looking at the screen, in the same way a user does.

“Testing is vital to the success of continuous integration, and enhancing eggPlant’s capabilities with Undo’s technology provides developers with the ability to rapidly respond to failures in production and test environments. With this integration, we are providing Linux and Android developers with the ability to increase their debugging productivity by at least 50% and significantly improve software quality.”

About TestPlant

TestPlant is an international software business based in London. It has development centers in the USA and the UK with sales and support centers in the USA, the UK, Germany, China and Japan as well as an extensive network of business partners. TestPlant’s products are used in over 40 countries by well over 350 enterprise customers in sectors which include Financial Services, Automotive, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Media and Entertainment, Retail and Defense and Aerospace. The eggPlant range is a set of tools which supports the design, development, test and management of software applications for mainframe, desktop and mobile use in any technology platform environment. The tools are relevant in agile, mobile, web and DevOps deployments. eggPlant use improves and reports on the quality and responsiveness of software systems, reduces time to market and lowers costs by introducing process automation. The eggPlant tools have been granted patents in the USA and in Europe. TestPlant is a Red Herring Global Top 100 company, a Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50 and EMEA 500 business, a member of the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 and is the recipient of three Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. The Carlyle Group is a major investor in the company. https://eggplant.io/

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