Undo announces LiveRecorder plugin for Jenkins

Undo announces LiveRecorder plugin for Jenkins

Undo’s first Jenkins plugin will optimise Continuous Integration

Cambridge, UK – September 14, 2016Undo, the leading commercial supplier of next-generation debugging solutions for Linux and Android developers, has announced today the release of the free Undo LiveRecorder plugin for Jenkins. The new plugin will arm DevOps teams with optimised technology designed to enable more efficient software testing during the Continuous Integration (CI) process. The new open source plugin will be Undo’s first plugin for Jenkins, launched at Jenkins World 2016 in Santa Clara, California.

Dr. Greg Law, CEO and co-founder of Undo commented,

In today’s CI environment, speed is the name of the game. Undo speeds up software development productivity, enabling engineers to find and fix failures quickly. We are excited to be introducing this technology to the Jenkins community. As one of the most popular platforms for CI testing, the Jenkins plugin was a natural progression for us. We look forward to helping its users increase efficiencies and improve their overall software quality.

Undo’s LiveRecorder allows developers to have complete and precise visibility into the execution of their programs. The plugin allows Jenkins users to capture test failures in a CCTV-like recording, which they can then rewind and replay to see exactly what their software did. Undo’s recording can be debugged offline and shared with other developers. LiveRecorder takes the guesswork out of debugging, allows companies to free up expensive test farm machines for other purposes – which leads to software that is delivered on budget and on time.

“As a developer, understanding a test failure that happened in a CI environment has always been frustrating and painful. Undo’s technology solves this problem by arming developers. Jenkins and Undo strengthen each other and it’s a great combination to accelerate software delivery.”

Undo will be conducting live demonstrations of their technology at Jenkins World, September 13-15.

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