Interview on Enterprise Software Reliability

Barry Morris and Dale Vile

When we hear the term ‘software failure’, we tend to think of major incidents that bring down a whole department or result in significant data loss. Our study suggests that this kind of thing happens around once every couple years on average in most organisations – at least that’s what people admit to when surveyed. The research also tells us, however, that most organisations also suffer from more continuous disruption caused by a steady stream of less dramatic issues. Intermittent software problems particularly cause a lot of user frustration and dissatisfaction.

Dale Vile, Distinguished Analyst, Freeform Dynamics

Prof. Roberto Zicari of recently interviewed Analyst Dale Vile and Undo's CEO Barry Morris on the subject of enterprise software reliability.

This interview relates to a recent research conducted by Freeform Dynamics in partnership with The Register and Undo on the challenges and impact on troubleshooting software failures in production.

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