Introducing Post Failure Logging for Remote Debugging

Introducing Post Failure Logging for Remote Debugging

When software fails in a real-world production environment, it becomes mission critical to minimize service and customer disruption. Speed is of the essence, when it comes to resolving both software failures & problematic unexpected behaviors. Today, we are going to introduce you to a powerful feature called Post Failure Logging, which together with a LiveRecorder recording, can help engineers detect and resolve bugs, remotely, faster than any other method of debugging or application monitoring.

The Problem

But sometimes, there are other logistical limitations that can impede the fastest route to Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR):

  1. It is not always a viable or affordable option to either send a recording offsite to a support engineer in case IP / PII sensitive data is disclosed
  2. Having a Field Application Engineer (FAE) on standby support, to travel to a customer site to troubleshoot and resolve an issue is not always an option, as this is prohibitively expensive

The Solution: Post Failure Logging

Post Failure Logging is LiveRecorder’s feature that generates log files in a human readable file format. The transparent log files prove that no sensitive data has been exposed.

A LiveRecorder recording file is generated securely in the end-customer’s secure environment. The Post Failure Logging tool is then used to generate relevant log files. The log files can then be debugged by running a series of test queries against the application in order to detect the root cause.

Benefits of Post Failure Logging

Sensitive IP/ PII data never leaves the secure customer environment. The LiveRecorder Post Failure Logging tool provides a quicker way of working for Field Application Engineers (FAEs) to support and resolve issues. The results of the ‘post failure log statements’ can be viewed instantly inside the LiveRecorder replay engine exactly as if you put them in your code in the beginning.

Engineers can see the values of all the variables and the state of a program by using ‘post failure’ logging query statements. Once determined, a single fix can be confidently deployed to production once – minimizing customer service disruption.

Post Failure Logging eliminates the guesswork that needs to be spent on speculative bug fixing. 

Additional technical information about Post Failure Logging 

To learn more about LiveRecorder and Post Failure Logging and how it could benefit you, please contact your Undo account team.

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